Data Science Leaders Outlook in India 2019

Data and Analytics has increasingly become the “secret sauce” of organisations across the board. Today, service providers are consolidating their big data and analytics (BDA) capabilities into one main service line and are adding AI capabilities to their portfolio to broaden data-related services and compete with their peers effectively. Currently, in its fifth year, our Data Science Leaders Outlook in India 2019 takes stock of the analytics landscape in India and how enterprises have moved up the analytics maturity index. What was once viewed as a competitive advantage is now powering the core operations and helping companies launch entirely new business models. Analytics and Data Science has changed the dynamics of the industry, spawning a winner-takes-all market.

The two key transformational changes over the last five years in analytics domain have been companies beefing up the technology infrastructure to capture more value from data and the rise of AI. Technology has taken a massive leap forward in the last few years with AI becoming embedded in day-to-day processes. Today, Machine Learning and Deep Learning has found use cases across the sector and their applications are now powering  product recommendations, language translation, virtual assistants and image recognition.

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