State of Enterprise AI in India 2019

In India, the enterprise AI market is heading towards much wider adoption. An industry expert associates the Indian Enterprise Market for AI to be estimated to be $100 million, growing at 200-250% CAGR. Futuristic growth of this sort clearly underscores the potential in the big revolution that business leaders should prepare for!

AI is increasingly being used by software vendors and AI solution providers as embedded products and services to deliver more value across a host of business problems. This journey has roots in core business applications like ERP & CRM, but today, almost every sector is using AI in their auxiliary processes as well, such as customer support, recruitments sales, or marketing. For example, a majority of banks and insurance companies in India have AI-driven chatbots that are fast becoming the first point of customer interactions. While the scale and complexity of these implementations may vary, it’s soon becoming the norm in the market.

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