Top Data Science Service Providers in India 2019

Analytics industry in India is growing at an unprecedented rate. Our recent industry report estimated analytics, data science and big data industry to be $2.71 billion annually in revenues. A major shift has been seen in the intelligent automation, AI and machine learning space, and companies are looking to build upon these capabilities while spending billions of dollars. As enterprises are stressing on adopting data science to increase their profitability, drive customer engagement and more, they are looking to collaborate with data science service providers.

The Penetration and Maturity (PeMa) Quadrant by Analytics India Magazine aims to highlight the key capabilities of leading industry players that provide analytics and data science services in India. It considers the competing players in data science providers ecosystem in India and how they are stacked against each other on maturity and penetration. The study is in-depth research of the data science market and aims to give an overview of the relative positions of various competitors.

AIMResearch Penetration & Maturity Quadrant (PeMa matrix) is a benchmark where data science service providers in India are highlighted in terms of the maturity of its solutions against the penetration that it has in the Indian market. PeMa Quadrant digs into the vendor’s leadership and competency-based on two key parameters — Pe (x) and Ma (y). A balance between both these parameters is essential to respond to the client’s business challenges effectively and seize revenue opportunities with analytics. These vendors are also ahead of the curve in terms of industries and geographies served. Analytics and data science solutions from these vendors deliver a comprehensive, unified business analytics system that meets the growing demands of clients and at the same time, provides secure enterprise governance and control.

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