What Does It Take To Be A Good Data Scientist?

Over the years, the term ‘data scientist’ has evolved greatly. From describing a person who handles data, to a professional who leverages machine learning — this definition has seen a great deal of change. Now, circa 2019, there are numerous blogs, Reddit pages and Quora threads dedicated to the discussion about “how to become a good data scientist”.

The spectrum of data scientist roles and the myriad of duties he/she has to perform is so broad, that it is very difficult to capture it under one single definition.

The data for this study was collected by asking respondents to fill in a survey created by Analytics India Magazine about the popular beliefs around what it takes to be a good data scientist. This included various sub-topics such as upskilling, employment, skill set, and industry trends, among others. We took opinions from all those who practice data science — from professionals with less than two years of experience to CXOs — to get a thorough idea of the working environment in this growing field.

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