State Of Artificial Intelligence In India – 2019

In the last decade, we have seen AI transitioning from an industry buzzword to finally being adopted across various enterprise applications. Indian businesses are analysing how they can make processes more efficient which has led to increasing adoption of artificial intelligence in the enterprise across different verticals. Products and services are being rebuilt with the integration of artificial intelligence with the objective of creating a better experience for end consumers. As enterprises are wary of getting left behind, this has driven the demand for professionals skilled in AI-based technologies. The trend is clear— professionals who are skilled in AI are being rewarded, along with a rising emphasis on upskilling keeping artificial intelligence in the centre.

We have started tracking the AI industry in India over the last two years. The result of this is our annual AI study- The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Artificial Intelligence 2019-2020, where we look at the key AI trends dominating the Indian AI market. The study covers professionals, salaries, AI jobs across different Indian cities, and the companies leading in terms of AI hiring in the country.

The most significant outcome of the study is the much-accelerated growth of the AI industry since last year. Growing by 80%, we see AI is no longer in a hype stage and has observably entered the period of real productivity.

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