State Of Cybersecurity In India 2020

The report presents the impactful insights on the state of the Indian Cybersecurity market and capabilities.

In January 2020, India touched a milestone in terms of Internet users by becoming the 2nd largest internet user base with 560 million (mn) internet users. The number of internet users in India will continue to increase – by 2021, the country is expected to have over 600 mn internet users, the user base more than doubling from the approximate 300 mn in 2016.

Most of the internet traffic in India is carried out over mobile data – over 450 million users access the internet from their mobiles to not just communicate and browse media, but also to shop, transfer money, trade stocks and commodities, exchange crucial documents, pay utility bills – these mobile transactions have been facilitated by cheap data plans, spread of 4G networks, and affordable smartphones.

In this environment of constant digital and data growth, it is imperative that organizations are equipped with the necessary resources, including personnel and training, to provide effective cybersecurity and data privacy.

This comprehensive report studies the trends in cybersecurity. It provides wide-ranging insights on the state of cybersecurity jobs, distribution of companies by local geography and salaries, and the size of typical companies with cybersecurity functions.

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