Gender Diversity In Analytics – 2020

Women are breaking the glass ceiling across industries and enterprises, rising to the top echelons of company departments and management. Nevertheless, the participation of women in the technology sector, and more specifically across the data science domain, is still significantly constrained by low participation fueled by possible hiring stereotypes and mindsets around women in science functions v/s women in art functions.

The greater adoption and scaling of data science services, such as predictive analytics, artificial intelligence (AI), and machine learning (ML), across all industries from Industrials to Media, enterprises ranging from large to small, and organization functions covering HR and Marketing, renders the representation of women across the data science domains all the more significant as the representation impacts not a single, isolated enterprise function but the entire organizational ecosystem across industries.

AIMResearch presents the findings and insights on the representation of women in AI and puts in perspective the participation of women across this function.

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