Analytics India Leadership Sentiment and Outlook 2020

The AIM Market Leadership Sentiment Survey and Research Study, now in its 6th year, aims to identify and understand the sentiment and outlook of the Data Science leadership. The research covers the pulse of the Data Science function across areas of hiring, expansion, maturity, and portfolios, to name a few.

This year, given the unfortunate recession that has ensued because of the Covid – 19 pandemic, the overall positive sentiment of the leadership has reduced. This does not imply that the leadership sentiment has turned negative. Rather the magnitude of positive sentiments has contracted, and is expected to bounce back once the market improves


The Leadership Outlook and Sentiment survey was released in May 2020 – at the time when the lockdown due to the pandemic was in place.

The overall economic sentiment, ever since the start of the lockdown, has turned
negative. However, the leadership of the analytics segments remains optimistic about the strength of the Analytics function and the overall Data Science domain.
Insights, Robotics, Business Intelligence, and Articial Intelligence are no longer the
priorities of Customer Marketing, Technology, and IT departments.

Analytics investments across critical business areas are no longer contingent on IT
budgets allocations. Data Science and Analytics investments and outlooks are now key discussion points in every annual business strategy and form the basis of any business analysis and customer study.

Table of Content

  • Introduction 01 Benefits & Takeaways 02
  • Methodology 03
  • Key Findings 04
  • Demand Outlook for Analytics Services across organizations over the Coming Year 05
  • Level of Confidence in Contribution of Analytics over the next 1 Year 06
  • Analytics Hiring Plans over the Coming Year 07
  • Net Sentiment Score 08
  • Biggest Challenges Faced Across the Analytics Space 09
  • Strategic Decisions Planned for the Coming Year 11
  • Constraints in Adopting and Implementing Analytics Solutions 13
  • Stage of Analytics Adoption 15
  • Survey Respondents Demographics 16
  • Location 17
  • Designations 18
  • Conclusion 19


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