State of Computer Vision in India – 2020

Computer Vision or CV is a field of Artificial Intelligence (AI) that trains computers to interpret and understand the visual and media world. By combining digital images with deep learning models, CV or AI practitioners can program computers to accurately identify and classify objects — and interpret information from what has been identified. Analytics India Magazine (AIM) has developed this study on the Computer Vision market to understand the size of the market across India, covering the various segments in terms of Industries and Company types, and the market size of the different categories of CV startups.

Key TakeAways

Through this research, AI and CV practitioners (across all levels) will be able to study the landscape and scale of the Computer Vision market across India, for the purpose of opportunities and capability development. Moreover, venture firms and large-scale technology enterprises would be able to ascertain the potential of the domestic Computer Vision market across various organization types and industries, for the purpose of potential investments, market entry, or buy-outs.

Table of Content

  • Executive Summary
  • Benefits and Key Takeaways
  • Section 1: Overview of Computer Vision Technologies and Market
  • Section 2: Computer Vision Market Size by Company Type
  • Section 3: Computer Vision Market Size by Sector / Industry
  • Section 4: Domestic Boutique Start-ups Computer Vision Market Break-up
  • Section 5: Salaries of Computer Vision Personnel
  • Section 6: Experience-wise Classification of Computer Vision Personnel
  • Section 7: Computer Vision Jobs Study
  • Section 8: Computer Vision India Market Forecast Conclusion
  • Conclusion


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