Analytics and Data Science Jobs in India: 2020 (Free Report)

The annual analytics job report provides a comprehensive study of the data science job landscape covering profiles and roles that require analytics competencies and skills. The research provides a comprehensive view of the talent market, which has been affected by the recessionary environment and the unfortunate pandemic. The report also provides insights into how employees need to develop a blend of data and analytic skills to succeed in data science roles. This year the effects of the pandemic and the recessionary environment have been researched on the open job figures.

This report outlines the functional analytics skills and programming languages that are most in-demand in the market. The report provides insights for recruiters and hiring companies so that they can study the demand for skills across the analytics function, and can identify and close any capability gaps across workforces. By highlighting the talent hotspots in the country, the report enables organisations to build a steady talent pipeline.


  • Although it is difficult to ascertain the exact number of open Analytics job openings for a given month, approximately 93,500 open jobs are available at the end of August 2020 according to the analysis carried out by AIMResearch.
    • These open jobs are available jobs to be filled in the Data Analytics function at any given point in time and are not the absolute number of new jobs created each month.
  • The Analytics jobs figure for August 2020 is a 1.6% drop in open jobs requirement compared to the same period last year (August 2019).
    • Last year, while there were changes in the number of open job positions early in the year, the average number of open positions for the full year was about 90,500.
  • COVID-19 Effect on Open Jobs: There was a drop or contraction in open jobs year-on-year in the months of June and July 2020 – 11% and 17% respectively. This contraction is due to the recessionary environment, which is caused by the unfortunate pandemic. Moreover, from a peak of 109,000 in February 2020, the open jobs figure fell to a low of 82,500 in May 2020. The effect of the recession and the pandemic on the open jobs figures is detailed in relevant sections of the report.
    • To study the relative effects of the recessionary environment on the proportion of open jobs, AIMResearch has carried out a comparative study of the open jobs percentages for August 2020 (after lockdown) with January 2020 (before lockdown), apart from the usual annual comparisons.

In August 2020, India contributed to 9.8% of the total global Analytics job openings. This is a significant jump from the figure of 7.2% of total global job openings in January of this year. During the same period last year (August 2019), India contributed approximately 7% of worldwide open job requirements.

Table of Content

  • Executive Summary
  • Research Methodology
  • Foreword
  • Benefits and Key Takeaways
  • Introduction
  • Top Trends in Analytics and Data Science jobs – August 2020
  • Analytics Jobs by Cities
  • Analytics Jobs by Sector/Industry
  • Experience Requirement for Analytics Jobs
  • Analytics Jobs by Tools & Technologies
  • Salaries Advertised for Analytics Jobs
  • Analytics Jobs by Company Type
  • Conclusion

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